viernes, 4 de agosto de 2017

Thirds: A Love Story

kami no sangeki

My life, neatly trisected by a capricious heart:
First part, years of yearning for Evermore She to find;
My mind, then, just as long spent convinced that so it had;
How sad, now, whatever comes after, decries it all.

(I taught myself in her gaze
To seek the worth of my days,
To know the Me I could be,
'Till she, that day, turned away.
Absent her Light, bereft
Of charity, the clefts
In a soul rent and torn
Fester slowly with scorn.)

After, a stone replaced the heart, much too cold and small
To do naught but, torpid, avoid yet another fall;
And to wish I were a better man, though I am not;
And to wish I had chosen better, but I did not.


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