viernes, 4 de agosto de 2017

Thirds: A Love Story

kami no sangeki

My life, neatly trisected by a capricious heart:
First part, years of yearning for Evermore She to find;
My mind, then, just as long spent convinced that so it had;
How sad, now, whatever comes after, decries it all.

(I taught myself in her gaze
To seek the worth of my days,
To know the Me I could be,
'Till she, that day, turned away.
Absent her Light, bereft
Of charity, the clefts
In a soul rent and torn
Fester slowly with scorn.)

After, a stone replaced the heart, much too cold and small
To do naught but, torpid, avoid yet another fall;
And to wish I were a better man, though I am not;
And to wish I had chosen better, but I did not.


miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017


Deseo, abusión,
pasión y cisura;
la premura de germinar ambiciones
lleva a sinrazones.

¿Dónde, esos votos?,
¿cuándo, si no siempre?
Mis cotos asediados, que ya ni siente
resistencia absente.

¿Corazón? Jirones.
No, esperanza no,
perdón tampoco, apenas el olvido…
tan inmerecido.

Having been found wanting

Having been found wanting

Two things in life I thought I'd be
Not a warrior nor an artist,
Not a leader nor a server,
Just a father, just a husband.

I am nothing.


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