lunes, 27 de octubre de 2008

El microx

En un foro donde he participado bastante en fechas recientes, comencé a escribir varios micro-relatos. Uno de los comentarios que recibí me indicó que mis textos reproducen la sensación de estar leyendo tiras cómicas, o "comics".
Tomando ese comentario como crítica constructiva, decidí inventar un nuevo género en la Literatura Española:

micros + comics = microx

Sí, ya lo sé: suena tonto, pero parece "pegador".
Más al rato subo unos cuantos de esos microx a este blog.

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Anónimo dijo...

hello DAN
very interesting post, I'm presuming that MICRO means COMIC in spanish

a couple of questions

why the "x" ? from the English "comiX" ?
as a play off of "MeXico" --
a high-tech sound, like Micro-X ???

probably, a lot of writers who draw (you do, right?) think out narrative as if it's a comic strip -- language can be so winding and labyrinthine, it's useful to rely also on bold, expressive comic-like effects


ira dijo...

and ... what does PEGADOR mean ?
boxer ? aggressive ?


Hi, Ira!

Long time no see. Glad to have you.

The "micro" is for "micro-relato", usually a short text (maybe two or three sentences long), which is a lot less than a "mini-relato", which is quite shorter than a "relato corto".
I don't really draw beyond stick figures, but I have tried to have my micro-texts to be more "visual" with less descriptions, by engaging the reader's need for details. By suppressing the details, the reader is forced to come up with his own.The "x" in "microx" is just to be cheeky, and to add the X sound of "comics" to the "micro".

I meant to say "catchy" when I said "pegador".
See ya 'round, don't be a stranger, ya hear?


Anónimo dijo...

I just looked up the etymology of COMICS,
it's from the Greek KOMIKOS, my dict. translates that as REVEL (which is interesting)

Do you do anything special for Halloween?
I don't. I just give out candy at the door.
I appreciate the holiday poetically, but I guess my best fantasizing occurs alone, not in costume with a group.

I posted a mini-Halloween thread on WI
(it's in the SIMPLE TASKS forum), there's a superb trailer imho for the film OTTO THE ZOMBIE, maybe you've already seen it)

Anónimo dijo...

Somehow my first paragraph didn't transfer.
The other day somebody used PEGAR on WI, so I realize it can mean TO GLUE (and CATCHY obviously follows)

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