viernes, 12 de marzo de 2010

Vlog me sideways! 5

My teeth have been fixed. Bring on the steak! Or at least watch the vlog, ya dig?


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Sobreíntima dijo...

Hey, D...

10k in dental is a LOT! Be proud of your teeth, they look great! :P

Smooches! =D



Smoochies, yet!!! Thanks, though, I appreciate all the affection I can get. Look, I don't wanna be all, like, I have lots of money in my mouth (wait, that sounds disgusting…), but actually I think that it's been quite a lot more than just 10k. And it's been longer than ten years that I've been nursing my teeth back to health… with money.

Ah, damn those dentists!!! :D (smiley with lots of teeth… all of them fake!)

Sobreíntima dijo...

A lot of money in your mouth? Yikes! Sounds kind of disgusting =S Tastes like lettuce?

Well, D... your dentist must be happy to have you as a client/patient, I sure would!lol

I bet you only eat gold nuggets by now :D <-- your bright smile with new, nursed and pampered teeth!

Smooches and HuGzzzzz!


P.S. Take great care of'em but keep on smiling ( a lot ) :D

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