viernes, 8 de junio de 2012

Update about the new song

Okay. So I've written a little song to go along the little poem I wrote a few days ago. I've recorded the instrumental tracks in GarageBand, and all I've left to do is to coerce my daughter to sing the melody. Then I'll upload the recording here and in YouTube. I've also modified the lyrics a bit. We will see how it goes... 

She looked in me and saw a heart 
Still bereft of hope, and rent. 

She looked at me and found a love 
Mostly torn apart, and spent. 

But she looked at me, 
O, she looked... 

She looked with me, and found a glen, 
Where the forest lived and thrummed. 

She looked with me, now and again, 
Wished that never dusk had come. 

But she looked away, 
O, she looked.

And she looked away, 
O, she looked away… 


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