miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009

Se habla Spanglish

Please use the following words in a sentence:

1. Cheese

"I like Nancy, but cheese too crazy, vato!"

2. Mushroom

"When my ant Concha rice in the car wid us, there's not mushroom left."

3. Shoulder

"My girlfren din't know how to go to Walmart, so I shoulder."

4. Herpes

"We had some pizza: I got my piece, and cheese got herpes."

5. July

"It ain't da truth, man: July!"

6. Rectum

"I had two trucks, but my fren rectum!"

7. Juarez

"Momma used to say, 'Juarez your problem?'"

8. Chicken Wing

"My wife plays da lotto so chicken wing."

9. Wheelchair

"Sis okay if juno have lunch, man. Wheelchair."

10. Bishop

"My boss wife fell at work, so I had to pick the bishop."


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