domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009


Look, guys, just go and watch "Up" in tru3D. You won't regret it.

But if you're the kind of people that go around pretending you don't cry in movies, then go by yourself. Or send your date for popcorn during the first scenes in the movie.

It is the kind of movie that will make you cry and will make you laugh (and that's just from realizing that they have extracted fifty dollars from your wallet to take the kiddies to watch the darn movie!)

Anyway, like I was saying, this is a very melodramatic movie that any serious filmophile should despise for its blatant manipulation of themes that are due to make adult audiences aware of their own mortality and their follies regarding material possession hoarding, and how it becomes easy to let quotidian challenges murk and dilute your dreams…

Like I said, and it is quite a confession for me, this is a movie that will make you cry, and will make you laugh. Sometimes both things at once.

The 3D effects are not a gimmick, and are integral to the whole movie experience: you must feel that the highly stylized graphics are indeed a projection of your inner doubts about the validity and actual needfulness of growing old in a modern society. Actually, the time period for the film is the late seventies, even though that is not revealed until the end titles, so you will feel your age if you have identified with the protagonists. It has the feel of a foggy memory of better days long forgotten, and it is poignant and powerful in its capability to grip the audience in a vise lock during the hour and a half that the adventure romp lasts.

However, all these pretentious sentences I have just written are a way of justifying my sentimentality. If you identify yourself, your grandparents, your parents, and your children in this movie (Guldurn it! I even identified my own stupid dog!!), then you will weep. You will laugh. You will do either, I assure you!

And then you will just pretend this is a children's movie, after all.


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Nomi dijo...

I saw it this weekend ( not with 3D) and loved it...


Long time no see! I hope you're well. And I'm glad you watched the movie. It was very nice. Almost nice enough to make me react badly towards it… But, in the end, I actually enjoyed it.
You didn't really miss anything important with the 3D, just some very breathtaking jungle shots and flight sequences, is all.

See you around!

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