martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

Mass pseudo-haikus

I have decided to do random acts of intellectualistic snobbery here, in this desert of the mind called Facebook. I will relate my most quotidian events in pseudo-haiku form, from now on. Erm… or if I need to use more than seventeen syllables I'll just do a regular message, I guess… Crap…


Don't want to cook lunch;
look! Korean BBQ!!;
I have failed again…

Job at FC clinic

Many words spoken:
Snot, poop, cough, rash, or fever;
Your kid will survive!

FC clinic blues

Conundrum daily:
"Urgent! Child burns with fever!!"
"Yah, you gave no meds…"

Entertainment woes

Have IMAX tickets?
Harry Potter is coming:
Time to pawn something…

Potter's first showing

Bought tickets online,
The show starts after midnight:
I will need a nap…

Premiere schmiere

Big-budget movies,
Their first show is at midnight:
Gotta make mo' dough!

New car blues

Gotta buy a car,
I'd rather it were brand new:
Dealers always win…

New Car Aftermath

Dealer guy lied twice;
Paid 3K bucks too many:
What did I expect?

Gobble-gobble yourself

I stayed here at home,
The wife's at her parent's town:
Lone turkey's alone

Reverse Turkey Day

The house is empty,
Children and wife are away:
Empty stomach too…

The new holiday

"Ho, ho, ho, my butt!,"
Quoth the big fat dude in red:
Merry Bitchmass, y'all!!!

shape of the world

Why is this all whack?
Just that there's no right answer
To the wrong question!

Me promise to be a good hubby

She said this morning:
"I'll be the most beautiful
wife you'll have, OR ELSE!!!!!"


Once again it's time
To dust off the old piano:
Christmas caroling!

daily adventures

The parking at work:
OH MY GOD! My car is gone!!
Wait… It's the wrong floor…

She so lovely

Children gone to school;
Wife's made-up, dressed, new boots on:
She'll go to work… after…

warranty expired

Multiple ailments,
Got lots of meds already:
I have asthma too?????

Daily dose of happiness

Days full of conflicts,
Nights bereft of prancing sheep;
But her smile heals all…


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