lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

Bertha Hurst, in memoriam

Mrs. Bertha Hurst, affectionately known to all of us as "Berthita," has passed away today. She was elderly, but regardless she worked tirelessly every day as one of the interpreters at Children's Medical Center Dallas.

After having had a fruitful life and many professional and personal accomplishments, she decided to work as a medical interpreter at the age when many people would rather consider retirement. And she not only performed her duties as an interpreter, but also tried her best to make sure that everyone, staff and patients, would be well taken care of.

She would often regale me with stories about life, about how things were, about how things ought to be, and she always made sure that her Faith was evident in every single thing she did.

Not very long ago she started having some health issues, until it was finally found that she had the big "C," and at a very advanced stage. Her health declined rapidly after that. She is survived by many relatives and family. I am fortunate to know two of them, who also work with us at CMCD as interpreters. Our thoughts and deepest condolences to them.

All that is left for the rest of us is to hope that the memories of the Faith that strengthened her every day of her life will allow us to reflect without bitterness that she stands in the presence of her God, and that now she knows real joy.

But we will be sad. We will be downcast.

Fear not: people shall say "she died;" you go ahead, stand tall, and tell them "no, she didn't!"

For He lives.


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