miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

Done, finally!

I have finally finished writing the "Homo Eternus" sequence. It took a long time, like, longer than a year, but yesterday I finished writing the last chapter of the short novel "Finitum Capax Infiniti," and that completed the sequence that includes the short novels "Satiety" and "Finitum Capax Infiniti," and that culminates with the calligram "Homo Eternus."

This began as an anti-"Twilight" exercise, trying to write a better vampire story. Many may argue that it shouldn't be all that hard, but I think that's out of jealousy… At least, in my case, I envy Stephanie Meyer's good luck, that with such a saccharine and tedious book she has achieved fame and riches, while the rest of us toil in permanent obscurity with our semi-literary creations.

The second short-novel took me a long time to write because I had to thread the story very carefully along the edge of the Harry Potter world, as defined by J.K. Rowling, while I created a world of my own that could possibly coexist in the same mythos.

The calligram at the end is the oldest text, which I wrote back in 2007, I think,
(I just checked: the calligram "Homo Eternus" was written in 11 November, 2007… Wow, over two years ago!)
and it offers a post-apocalyptic view of the world through the eyes of the most unusual witness…

But I think one can sum up the three stories with this statement: "Without magic in the world, humanity cannot endure."

I suppose you can substitute the word "magic" for any other thing in human experience that transcends the tangible things, like "love," or even "faith."

Regardless, I think it's an interesting read, even without further philosophical considerations. It's at times exciting, sad, horrible, tender, and even funny.

I hope whoever reads it enjoys it as much as I do.

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