domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Oh, my GATO! [Editorial remark: this is my preferred "minced oath," instead of "gosh/gee/giddy aunt/etc."]

I've just found a link to this movie on "," which in turn sent me to "" where this movie is posted in four parts. Sure, it comes with Chinese subtitles, but that's okay.

Anyway, this was a great movie to watch. I remember I must have been all of eleven or twelve when I watch it at the theaters. It was a brand new movie!
Back then, theaters still showed a documentary and a cartoon before the main feature. Sometimes there was a round of advance screenings (trailers) before, also. Most of the times they showed them afterwards. There were hardly any commercials that I can remember, but every so often they would slip in a "video" from a recent pop song (I remember watching Napoleón's "Eres" for the first time in a movie theater!)


What I wanted to comment, is that we arrived to the movies late that time, so we didn't know that the movie had started because it looked like all those cheesy documentaries they used to show before the main feature. When all the shenanigans and slap-stick started, we finally understood that the movie was on.
I remember laughing at all the broad comedy because I was a child, but even now, after watching it online, I found myself chortling with the movie's asinine humor and candy-coated "noble savage" perspective in their satirical send-up of modern life.

Meanwhile, I disagree that the "evil thing" is here to harm us. I love Coke!


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David dijo...

Y sí, pensamos que era un documental y que nos habíamos equivocado de sala. Y sí, la cosa mala está aquí para hacernos daño... luego les paso la dirección para que me envíen todas las "evil things" para que yo, personalmente me deshaga de ellas.

Es una de mis películas favoritas también. La segunda película me gustó menos que la primera, pero de cualquier forma, la he visto tantas veces como la primera.


No'ombre, y encontré en Wikipedia que hay como cinco secuelas a esta película. Cada una cada vez más babosa (creo que hasta aparecen fantasmas y vampiros, háganme el favor). Y que el chavo que la hace de aborigen murió de tuberculosis mientras cuidaba a sus cabras en su granja. Pobre. Pero parece que aunque sea sí le pagaron unos pesos.


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