domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

You know…?

I've been editing the raw "Mr N's Sleigh Ride", which took me the better part of two years to complete, and I realize that the main difficulty in writing it is that I tried to re-invent classical themes that sort of abound in literature, film, theater and any sort of art… Not that anything I write is art, but…

Anyway, as I have been editing, I've realize that I basically fluttered between Oedipous Rex (Oἰδίπoυς τύραννoς) and spaghetti westerns like "The Pale Rider", where the hero is not only a simple man, but also the cause of his own downfall. He gets to rise beyond his own destruction, but at the cost of becoming his anti-thesis, or at least at the cost of abandoning his previous conception of the world…Rather awful weight to carry for a purported child's book, no?


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